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Instantly build future-ready websites with ease.

Based on Web-Components, Leafjs provides a simple API for building websites, component libraries and so much more.

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Leafjs was built with ease of use in mind. By using awesome solutions such as Vue-like reactivity and JSX, Leaf combines the best parts of the best frameworks. Thanks to web-components, Leaf made components a lot simpler - natively supported by most modern browsers.


Leaf is extreamly lightweight - 3kb minified + compressed. While keeping it lightweight, the awesome Leaf reactivity system uses a strategy similar to caching - Leaf locks the rerender process when another rerender is going, which decreases the amount of rerenders at a visible level.


Leaf is totally based on web-components, which is great for building components that can be used with any or none framework. However, Leaf is also compatible when it comes to building websites: Leaf provides the create-leafjs-app tool which automatically handles everything for you!

Get started

Take a look at the below example or read the docs to get started.